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27 janvier 2008 7 27 /01 /janvier /2008 22:32


Wax cofferings and paraffin wax, mixed to find the "flesh-coloured" tone, and, the just transparency. 

The wax is poured, hot, on silhouettes, of women, pre-cut then stuck. They: perceived in magazines, of mode(fashion), women, men(people). 

First side-reverse, these feminine figures then returned: it is a question of discovering, in their outlines, the other women, the other silhouettes. 

The body defines then a new space: dreamlike space, of secret gardens, intimist, a gap between the outside and the inside of every being.   

The bottom is, mostly neutral, wooden. But he can also be oil painting (blue bottom, painted characters).  Appearance mostly was isolated, we can also sometimes find couples dialogant in a sort of dominated dominant interview(confrontation). 

From time to time intervenes a line. This one defines a silent silhouette or, there, graphic element or motive, it connects ally loosens the various women in presence. 

Tones, blacks, overalls, greens, pink mostly, are makes tasteless by the "super-glacis" of wax. The light is also eased by the material, creating an atmosphere rather quiet, mysterious baignante, but a distance also. 

The characters are roughly plans. They cut the composition in some wide forms. Sometimes bodies are perceived such of the signs in a more narrative space. 








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