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Good - Not Good ?

An envy to paint érotisés bodies and in seduction, some creatures in the positioned and animal; it is indeed a question of representing one certain women's instinctive side.
The subject is rather presented hieratic, maybe emblèmatique.   
This subject regularly taken back through ages and cultures offer supply to be seen and connects diverse mythologies, legends, and artists of any periods.
Charming and pleasant to seduce the heroes...
Angels or devils?
Ambiguité of mixed references going of the manga, the princesses of Walt Disney to the poster of a truck driver, or to the sentimental photo love story. 
The way is realistic, rather classic and close to the drawing, licked. 
Skins they are not worked: washings of fluid oil and rosâtres are quickly brushed.
The subject is isolated in the center of big paintings the backgrounds often empty.
But if the background in a subject, it takes back then a motive concerning the subject. 
The contrast is also inclusive in the choice to integrate poor materials, particularly feminine, current, close to the kitsch, glitters, on "sacrosanct" one oil painting. 
I have pleasure to paint vaguenesses, veils, ribbons and furs. 
Double categorization of the characters: friendly or harmful soul according to its partennaire. Fatal seduction or to be saving?
A woman has the complete instruction, the initiator of the body and the spirit. 

N Pirotte 

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