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Since 2005, Nathalie Pirotte sticks animals heads on women bodies.

But the roarings of her lionnesses are neither rebelion's nor manifesto of any kind; even less a feminist scratch.

No more than are its rabbits in lace underwears.

One year ago, the artist - back in Brussels, a city that inspires her and fits well her strong anchoring to a moving living  consuming world  - decided  to accentuate the collage side shown in her paintings, as if the women portraited on suddenly fully assumed their animal side, in a  mixed of porn-chic and burlesque style.

Consciously superficial or subtly engaged ?

The artist considers both sides of modern women and rejects strongly behaviour stereotypes that sticks on women still too often.

Rather than to fustigate women fashion magazines, which from she takes some pictures and symbols of comsumption, Nathalie Pirotte  chose to celebrate the world and develop a fresh, questioning, painting style.

Her paintings celebrate women, both their lightest and most serious sides.

Maybe  her thirst for freedom was born in her mind in New york, a city where she lived before her studies in Brussels La Cambre school of fine arts, .n front of the works of some women  photographs.

Fascinated, with no hesitation, she took the pulse of the changing contrasted world she was living in.

She started 10 years later this artwork on women portraits, first cutting  body female in shapes shapes within magazines pages and  than covering them with hot waxes.

Today,  rid of any articicial side, the flesh is unfold, finally, arrogant and nicely burlesque.

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